Equality For All

When our Great Nation was formed, those elite white men who wrote our Constitution knew that the people were not equal. Yet they created a document that would grow with the changing times to be all inclusive. Now we are in the year of 2013 and it is very sad to see that there are still those who wish to deny others the same equality that they enjoy. Bigotry has no place in our Nation. We are a melting pot of differences that should be celebrated by giving tolerance to those different than ourselves. To do so does not mean also giving approval. It just means that no action will be taken to deprive those different of equal rights and no action will be taken to harm those different. Equal. Not more than or special. It means the same rights. To not show tolerance and to spew bigotry lessens this Great Nation. It would be devastating to have our Great Nation reduced liken to the less desirable countries on our world. This Great Nation is not theocratic or communistic. We do not have a dictatorship or emirite. We will not be ruled by ignorance or terror.  We will not be ruled by those that shout the loudest of their Bible. We have progressed so much since the formation of our Great Nation, but still there are those that can not see we are better in accepting and tolerating our differences.