Calling out Hardees

I just got back from almost two weeks of being a caregiver for my in-laws who live a plane ride away and didn’t feel like cooking this morning. Hardees is really convenient as it’s on my route to drop off my disabled sons to their program. So, this morning I ordered the ham croissant combo. OMG! The ham was in this little ball on the side of the sandwich. When I touched it to spread it out it was so hard it broke apart! I tossed it. Complete garbage and not edible. What little of the egg there was, it only covered half the croissant. It was cooked okay. The cheese covered the bottom, although I think that was the luck of the melting than the amount used. And the croissant itself was almost flat. I ended up cooking another egg and some ham to add to what was there to make use of what I bought. The tator tots were at least fresh and crispy. The orange juice was in a box so they couldn’t mess that up. So much for convenience and time and effort saved. Not to mention money! It cost $5.66 . I already had ham, eggs and potatoes at home and could have ate much better food and saved quite a bit of money. It would have taken more time to open a roll of croissant dough and bake it; peel, dice and fry a potato; whisk and cook the egg; and cut a good slice of cheese, but it would have been worth it! Lesson learned. If I want good breakfast, do it it myself!


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