Raise the Dining Out Standard

Most people work very hard for their money and have stressful lives. I know that we do. When we have a little extra money to spare, it’s normal to give ourselves a little treat. Usually it’s the old standard of dinner out and a movie. Both are subject to personal tastes. Both can be decided upon by the descriptions that accompany the title. With a movie, you have a better chance of getting what you pay for than when you order food at a restaurant. In fact, you are probably eating prepackaged food that contains preservatives prepared by a company named Sysco and not freshly prepared food. From your local mom and pop place to your chain restaurant (Olive Garden, Applebees, etc..) to even your supposedly high end restaurant. Why? Because it’s cheap and fast. When called on this travesty, some restaurants give the line that their customers expect to go into any of their restaurants and receive the same food and Sysco allows them that continuity. Your food comes packaged with preservatives in serving proportions that are then heated and delivered to you. Some of what you order isn’t really what you are getting either. Don’t order chicken out! It is most likely pieces of breast meat that has been pressed together in a breast like form! With preservatives! Why preservatives? So they can be frozen for long periods of time! That’s right, you are eating pressed together pieces of chicken with preservatives that most likely has been sitting in a freezer for months! So, ask your server what is freshly prepared from start to finish in their kitchens. Be specific that you mean not something that has come to them pre-prepared and then frozen in a bag that they consider the start of their cooking process. Demand a higher standard on your dining out establishments. I am going to start chronicling my dining out experiences. None will escape my reviews. Fast food, mom and pops, chains, and high end places will all be featured for the good, the bad and the ugly! Updated 10-11-2016


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